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Hire Professionals When It Comes To House Framing

Framing Contractors Union City New Jersey

As expert frame makers, we can manufacture frames according to your exact specifications. Our team of experts manufactures frames with a wide range of most sufficient material and creates a house frame accurately as you want.

We are providing different types of carpentry services, from creating house frames to small intricate pieces. Our carpenter works with varying timber types, measuring, cutting, and setting up a wood plank to construct a frame.

You can provide our expert carpenter with the blueprints for your new house or any other interior room, bathroom, or kitchen extension. They will do the task of creating the frame according to your description.

Why Choose American Group Construction

At American Group Construction, we have a team of framing experts for different types of homes in New Jersey. Our specialists are precise and strong in communication and can choose the best materials for your project. Licensed professionals who provide framing services in New Jersey, read the plan and understand the theories and systems that help builders build high-quality, stable and safe homes.

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