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New Construction Contractors Union City NJ

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New Construction Services in Northern & Central NJ

New construction in the north and center of New Jersey and the surrounding area can be a considerable investment, and you need to ensure that your home is built suitably. American Group Construction is proud to provide quality services. Our team allows us to provide the necessary services in the easiest, fastest, and most convenient way possible.

Our construction services are successful just because of our professional team. In addition to construction experience in areas such as multi-family housing, hotels, industrial warehouses, our team members also have direct experience in using various construction methods. Our construction team has certified specialists in steel construction, welding, concrete, carpentry, and masonry, making it the best in the industry. With their experience and knowledge, they can minimize any unexpected problems that may arise during construction and their effect on plan and budget.

Why Choose American Group Of Construction?

When deciding on new construction, American Group Construction’s experts will help you start a new project from scratch. We have an experienced team of estimators, project managers, and the team of artisans to work within the budget, meet schedule requirements, and deliver high-quality projects. Our employees were trained in safe work practices and used proven subcontractors.

As a leading construction company in New Jersey, American Group Construction is implementing new construction projects in the public and private sectors. We can guarantee your project and let you relax, get a quality project, and all subcontractors and materials will be paid for.

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